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Video: Win All You Can: An Exercise in Systems Thinking – A variation of the exercise called the “Prisoner’s Dilemma”, this film demonstrates how to bring a group to appreciate the benefits of Collaboration over Competition. Inevitably, greed and other human vices take over in the pursuit of beating the opponents. Participants have a good laugh when they see how self-interests override the benefits of systems thinking. An unforgettable experience.

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Video: Managing Change in Health Care – The perfect companion to Dr. Key’s book by the same title, this film takes the ideals of change management and translates them to everyday practice. The presentation covers personal aspects of change, staging of change, what to do about resistance, cultural levers and other methods of influence.

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Video: Quality 101; Everything You Need to Know to Conduct a Q1 Project – An hour-long tutorial on everything you need to know about conducting a quality improvement project. Includes tools such as Finding a Process, Organizing a Team, Cause & Effect Diagrams, Flowcharts, Run Charts, Control Charts, Tests of Change and the PDSA Cycle. Includes relevant Internet links to Just-in-Time (JIT) Training Modules.

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How to Conduct a Visioning Conference – This video demonstrates Exercises to portray the Past, envision an Ideal Future, and build a Plan to achieve that Future. Dr. Key works with the YWCA in a retreat to script their future and pull together as a team. Use with Sample Agenda, and Visioning Script.

Leadership Series (developed with IASIS for Healthcare Leaders)

Chapter 1. Team Development: Alignment Through Interdependence – This course will help you to build winning teams, clarify their purpose, reduce barriers to interdependence and communication, and develop healthy norms for your team. The video offers team development exercises, how to form a healthy team agreement, ways to make team decisions, and describes elements of teamness.

Chapter 2. Problem-Solving: The Creative Method of Discovering Solutions – Learn to use analytic and creative approaches to solving problems. This course leads you to use divergent before convergent thinking, to cultivate diverse points of view, to look at the root source of problems, and to focus on the most important problems. Understand the nature of creative thinking and how to employ seven tools to maximize creative output.

Chapter 3. Effective Leadership: Leading at Your Personal Best – Learn to lead by modeling the way, focusing on your strengths, encouraging and appreciating, and visibly celebrating accomplishments. Take to heart the message that your most important task is developing other leaders. Use in conjunction with the video How to Connect in Healthcare in 90 Seconds or Less.

Chapter 4. Communication: Building Relationships through Dialogue – This course teaches how to express thoughts clearly, in open, honest communication, to give and receive feedback, to use pacing, effective listening and questioning, and to suspend judgment while valuing others’ ideas. Communication is portrayed as a process to improve, with many communication choices and a variety of meeting methods. Learn how to create an environment for dialogue or “thinking with,” including trust enhancement and fear eradication.

All profits from sales of these videos go to NeuroNexus, an organization dedicated to healthcare research.